Law of Attraction Windfall!

Welcome back for another one of my Law of Attraction tales! This was a good week I have to say! A good week indeed! I’ve had kind of a slow start to the week but there was bounty all around.

As you all know, last week I was struggling with my cable, phone and internet bill. I am still working on this bill but I caught a great break from the cable company. I had decided earlier that I was going to wait for them to shut it off and then call up with a payment to see if I could negotiate something with them on the rest of the bill. I was sitting here stewing on the situation when something told me, “Call now and give them the payment.” Part of living the Law of Attraction is following your intuition. As a psychic, I would be foolish not to follow this advice. I did just that and called up the cable company. Since the cable company had just been out to my house to make an attempt at fixing my router, I got put through to a different section of the customer service department. This was a very good thing! I explained to the nice lady, Lisa, who had answered my call that I was wanting to make a payment on my rather large bill in the hopes that they would not shut me off. I had nowhere near what I needed to pay them, but it was worth a shot. Lisa (the lovely angel that she is) managed to get me a full 2 more weeks to get my bill paid! (March 31st to be exact) I did a happy dance. I am working on those funds now. Please feel free to help in the cause by buying a reading from me here or a beautiful art print from me here. Thank you in advance! Ok…moving on!

So, I got a little more time to keep plugging on the web, cable and phone situation. That was the first great thing with Law of Attraction this week. Let’s move on to what’s going on with my Etsy store MamaWitch’s Fortunes. I had let this store malinger for a while just kind of drifting in the wind.  Lately I have been putting in a full effort. I need this business to do something great soon! LOL. I have been doing a lot of promo this week and really trying to reign in the dollars. About mid-week I took a peek at the views on my items. I noticed that my views are through the roof!! I thought to myself, “WOW! That’s a lot of views! All this time on the web is paying off somehow.” This gave me a spark of motivation. I felt energized by seeing that a LOT of people are looking at my readings. Earlier in the week I had attached Google Analytics to my store. With the new found views to my store, I decided to check out those analytics. Much to my surprise I have had over 1,000 page views to my store this week, over 900 were unique page views. TOTAL shock set in! I never even imagined that I would have that many views to any of my sites. I have had a website on the web for over a year now. Nothing like this has ever happened. All I can figure is that Law of Attraction is truly in action in my life right now. I know I have a lot of wonderful people out there sending me a ton of good vibes too. You all know who you are. I thank each of you! You’re all the bomb!

So, did all these views wind up equating to sales this week? As you may remember, I have been asking the Gods for a while, “What am I supposed to be doing with my life?” I know for sure now, I have gotton my answers in more ways than one. Not only did I have a TON of page views this week but I have also had a TON of sales! I sold 7 readings today alone. I’m in shock again. When I first started this business I lived in chat and online. I posted like a mad woman and pimped all over the web almost begging for sales. Now it seems I have them coming out my ears this week. As I stood in the shower tonight I asked one more time if this was my path. I got a very loud, “YES you dummy! We would not have given you these gifts for nothing! Sheesh!” I guess that was a very clear answer to my question. I’ll stop asking now. LOL. I am SO thankful! Keep it coming Universe. I’m more than ready for the bounty!!

Here is the thing with all that I have been the wonderful benefactor to this week, I have given out as much good energy as I have gotton back. In other words, you can’t expect the Universe to give you good things if you are an old sourpuss! You can’t be a vacuum in the world. One must keep the flow of positive energy going not only for themselves, but also for others! Bring a smile onto the face of a random person and watch how many blessings show up at your door!

Please take a visit to the following stores if you would like to meet some great people and see some wonderful items! Each of them is a bright star in the world! Show ’em lots of love please!

MyCariads – Beautiful bracelets! True one of a kind!

AlteredHead – Very Unique artwork. Her descriptions are awesome!

craftysteph – Cool stuff in her shop! Her numerology report is VERY accurate! She also has a very popular blog called the Tea Review Blog. You can read it by clicking the link.

FreedomToExpress – She is the sweetest lady! Love having her in my corner. Her greeting cards are the bomb!

hollywoodrings – She has super nice jewelry. Wonderful person as well!

drawingdownthemoon – Friend and team leader of our Witches of Etsy team! She has fabulous herbs. Her pendulum reading is also dead on!

KnitsbyRegina – Also a friend and fellow witch. Please check out her store for great handmade items.

PamelasPatterns – This is my good friend Stormy! She needs a boost to her store so go give it a peek. She’s a great person who has been a dear friend to me.

Thank you for showing all my peeps a little love! I know they will appreciate it too.

Thank you for coming back to share another tale with me this week. Please come back again next week for another story of prosperity thanks to the Law of Attraction. May you all create your own stories this week as well! Till next time…I’m off on my broom!


One response to “Law of Attraction Windfall!

  1. Thank you for featuring me on your site MamaWitch, love it! All the best to you always. Never forget we’re all in this together and are never alone.

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